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Welcome to the Wool Emporium!
Welcome to the Wool Emporium!
Welcome to the Wool Emporium in Saskatoon. We offer a variety of Knitting and Crochet Accessories. We also offer Crochet and Knitting classes to help improve your skills. We carry a variety of Knitting Yarns, Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks. We also stock a variety of locally produced yarns, fibres, pottery knitting bowls, buttons (metal & wooden), Portuguese knitting pins, shawl pins and more. You can also find a large variety of finished items like felted mitts, felted boots, beer mitts, slippers, baby blankets, toques etc. Enjoy your visit...

Saskatoon Knitting Circle members stitch a warm winter welcome for Syrian Refugees

The Saskatoon Knitting Circle invites stitchers of all shapes and sizes to put their fingers and needles (or hook) to work and create a warm welcome to Syrian refugees. Founder, Bonnie Zink, invites stitchers to “help these folks enjoy their new home by outfitting them hats, mittens, scarves, and other necessary winter items.”

Inspired by the 25000 touques campaign (, which began in Quebec and has popped up in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (, Saskatoon stitchers are already creating a warm welcome and working to achieve the movement’s goal of providing 25000 touques for the epxected 25000 Syrian refugees. Each item is accompanied by a small, personalized message tucked inside from the stitcher to the recipient.

Saskatoon stitchers have a long history of stitching to help keep our community warm. Glenda Hudson, owner of The Wool Emporium, accepts donations of knit (and crocheted) items all year and now partners with us as the official drop off point for Saskatoon and area stitchers taking part in the 25000 toques campaign.” Hudson notes”

"Saskatchewan is well known across Canada for its volunteerism and generous spirit and I love seeing this happen time and time again. Just a day or two after news reports of Ontario breaking out their needles to provide 25000 toques for the Syrian Refugees, a local knitter brought in a bag of toques, socks and mitts in a variety of sizes and asked if they could be given to the Syrian refugees. This is what Saskatchewan is all about."

Stitchers are welcome to drop off warm winter woolies during The Wool Emporium’s regular store hours - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm from Monday through Saturday (closed on Sundays and holidays). The Wool Emporium is easy to find in the Avalon Shopping Centre located at 12 - 2605 Broadway Avenue.

For more information about this campaign, please contact:

Bonnie Zink, founder of the Saskatoon Knitting Circle
PHONE: 306-262-5651

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If you would like to improve your knitting or crochet skills, we have the solution! We offer many classes covering a wide range of subjects. For information on upcoming classes, schedules, payment information or class registration, please click here.

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Tuesday & Wednesday 10am–1pm
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Please feel free to stop in and have some tea and cookies. There is no cost, and you don't have to show up at the beginning and stay till the end. That's just the time frame in which people are welcome to wander in and have tea with us. We will be here to visit, help with, and admire your projects, either knitted or crocheted. Hope to see you.

Molly & Glenda

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